Nearly home.

We have just arrived in Rotherham and will be with you in 5minutes thank you for following our journey, you have helped make it Extra special. Have a wonderful weekend catching up and sharing stories from our week. We’ve loved every second. Thank you.

Our final surprise for this evening.

Over the week we have been making a music video of all our favourite memories over the week. We have shared it with the children this evening and they absolutely love it making even more memories. Thank you for your support and for following our journey. After 15 years of coming on residentials this group of children have been incredible. Polite, resilient, respectful and have worked together as one team. They have made us laugh and smile so much. Thank you for allowing us to share the experience. We hope you enjoy following us tomorrow and we will keep you posted on our time of arrival.

Please enjoy …

Unfortunately we have had to remove the video but it will be replaced shortly.